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MLM: Dreams and Goals

MLM: Dreams and Goals

The transformation of dreams into reality by the technique of the well-known business coach Brian Tracy.

January 25, 2015 at 12:55 am

We have already told you how to turn a dream into a goal using the techniques of Jeffrey D. Smith. Now we would like to tell you about the well-known business coach Brian Tracy. Every year he consults more than 350 companies, and his lectures are attended by several hundred thousand students. This statistics proves the great experience and professionalism of Brian Tracy. 

MLM: Dreams and Goals

The unique method of personal development is described in his bestseller, "Leave Disgust, Eat a Frog!". The author speaks of the "21 principles of effective  work." (Indeed, it is nothing but hard work that can help you achieve a lot.) Here we present you only 7 of them, but these principles will help you become quite a different person, i.e. a person capable of carrying out any plans.

Step #1. Determine Your Needs

If you want to have a car, you should picture it in your mind as precisely as possible: its brand name, model, colour, equipment, etc ...

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step #2. Put Down Your Thoughts on Paper

Put your thoughts down on a sheet of paper after you have pictured the dream in your mind. This will make your dream more tangible and full of energy. Moreover, no important detail will be lost, and the dream will not be distorted by the mind that can easily transform thoughts and memories. That is why all the important things should be put down, at least briefly.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step #3. Mark Dates

As you can see, the Time Management is highly appreciated by all business coaches regardless of the technique. Without a clearly defined period you run the risk of long delays. As you know, "the right decision turns into a mistake when it is delayed." Similarly, your belated action is unlikely to bring the desired effect.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step #4. Make To-Do List

Write down everything that in your opinion will help you reach your goal. Unlike others, Brian Tracy advises to work with this list "on-line": cross out the things you have done, put down some new items and make the necessary changes. After all, we do not exist in this world independently, and different circumstances may influence our plans.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step #5. Turn To-Do List into Plan

You need to decide on the priorities and the chronology of the due dates. Making a plan is likely to be a time-taking process. But it's worth it. You will be surprised how much it will help you reach your goal.

Step #6. Do Not Hesitate!

Remember: once you have a plan, you have no right to procrastinate. Go ahead! The sooner you start doing things, the easier it will be to do them.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step #7. Every Day Should Bring You Closer to Your Dream

Make it a rule to work every day. You cannot have days off. We do not mean you must work like a dog every day, but it is important not to lose momentum. Even at the weekend try to do something useful for your plan: call an important person, read an article, watch a video. It will not take you much time, but you will always be on form. Do not let yourself stop!

MLM: Dreams and Goals

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