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MLM: Dreams and Goals

MLM: Dreams and Goals

We would often hear:

January 8, 2015 at 11:15 am

In the course of time all successful businessmen admit that it is a dream that leads them to large corporations and enviable fortunes.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

As you will know, any good medicine can do harm when there is too much of it. The same thing happens with dreams: we should say "dream with mesure". Otherwise, you may find yourself in a non-existent world of dreams and fantasies. To shape a dream in a tangible form, it is necessary to turn it into the true goal of the enterprise. First of all you need to make a decision (let it be a volitional impulse), and the first step forward towards your dream.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

"What am I to do with the dream?" Many are baffled by this question and afraid of its uncertainty. For this very reason, many dreams remain just abstract desires of their weak-willed authors. But the story is no so sad as that. There are many techniques to achieve one's goals. Today we introduce the tips of Jeffrey D. Smith from his popular book"Concentrate on a Dream" to you. Jeffrey D. Smith is the executive director of «The Center of Personal Excellence» company, author of numerous methods of business management. He delivers a lot of conferences and workshops for large companies, helps people achieve professional and personal goals in life.

Step 1.
Formulate Dream in Present Tense

Forget the conditional mood and think in terms of «I have...», «Now I can…», «I do…». You will say something like "I earn a million dollars a year", "I have a luxury villa by the sea", "Now I can allow myself to work only four days a week ", etc ...

MLM: Dreams and Goals
MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step 2.
Fix Date of Realising Your Dream

You should estimate a period of time necessay for realising your dream, and fix the date you would like to see your goal achieved. Of course, the estimated time should be real. But it should not be too long. Otherwise, the motivation is lost... Your work schedule should make you always busy, with no time to spare. If your waste your time on meaningless thoughts, they are likely to engender doubts in your mind.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step 3.
Your Goal Should Be Realistic

No matter how unimited human abilities my be, choose the goal according to your abilities. You should not dream of becoming a test pilot, if you are too shortsighted. If it may take your whole lifetime to achieve a goal, think hard whether you need it or not. Maybe a small upgrade will make it more accessible. Furthermore, your goal should be formulated more exactly. The goal "to become rich" is rather vague. Wealth is a relative term. For some it is a million dollars a month, and for someone it my be 100 thousand per year. You must specify all your goals indicating what exactly you want to achieve, how much you want to get, and when you want to have all this. If you want to buy a car, think in advance of its brand , colour, equipment etc ..

MLM: Dreams and Goals

Step 4.
Goal of Your Dream Should Be Harmonious

Do not choose goals in contrast to your values or nature. If your goal is to open a night strip bar, and you are very devout, then ... you will agree, this combination is hard to imagine. Do not run counter to your nature, views and beliefs. Choose goals in accordance with your inner world.

MLM: Dreams and Goals

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