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MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

There are thoughts that are worth fearing, and they should be banished from your mind as soon as they emerge.

January 3, 2015 at 3:07 am

As the unforgettable Brian Tracy would say:

"Change your thinking, and you will change your life ".

Our thoughts can really influence the way our lives are formed. Sometimes even more than our actions. Therefore, there are thoughts that are worth fearing, and they should be banished from your mind as soon as they emerge.

This Can Wait till Next Time

It does not matter what it may be: buying new boots or enrollment in the course you have long dreamed of. If you really need it, if it brings you closer to your dream or goal (your updated clothes, by the way, etc.) it should be realised as soon as possible. Especially, if the circumstances impel you to. If you see the boots of your dream in a shop window, you must buy them. If you have the money, of course. Yet we often pass the desired object by, and spend the money on something "more useful".

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

I Have No Time

This is one of the sentences that can destroy all your desires and dreams in the bud. If you cannot find time for implementing your ideas, they are either unimportant, or you are afraid of something. But if some idea really matters, you should try your best to put it into practice!

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts
MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

It Is Too Hard

As you know, man is capable of anything. It is up to us to define the scope and limits of our capabilities. By claiming "it's too hard", you limit yourself in your abilities, without giving yourself a try. The job is often much easier than it seems. You never know what you can do till you try. Stop thinking of how hard the job is. Just start doing it.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

I Am Not Yet Ready

Many people naively believe that they can start doing something only after they have mastered the expertise. But it is practice that is important for your professionalism, not theory. Your practical experience can be gained only when you use the cut-and-try approach. That is why stop saying " I'm not yet ready", and do something at last! Besides, always remember one simple truth: the "Titanic" was built by professionals, and the Ark by amateurs. We hope, everybody knows the more successful enterprise. The main thing is to believe in what you are doing.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

I Could Have Done It Better

Stop lamenting that something did not work out the way you expected. Be a philosopher. Let it be just your training, next time you will be more successful, and do as you have planned. Regret is a waste of time. Anyway, have a closer look at the matter: maybe the result is better than expected?

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

I Lack Talent

Being talented is not enough. How many would-be geniuses were unknown and unrecognised only because they were too lazy? After all, those who have the will to win, perseverance and patience to make mistakes and learn often achieve much more than just talented people.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts

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