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MLM: Delete Superfluous!

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

It is a good tradition to clean up one's house and get rid of old junk on the New Year eve. We recommend that you do the same with your mind!

December 31, 2014 at 12:16 am

Your mind needs clearing out as well as your apartment. Just once a year on the New Year eve. It is the perfect time for summarising, analysing your victories and errors, making plans for the future (or adjusting them to the reality of the day),  and self-awareness.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

The most Important thing about this "clearing out" is to look around and honestly admit what motivates you to new achievements, and what makes you waste your time, effort and nerves. After all, we all surrounded by a multitude of unnecessary things, events, and, cynical as it may sound, people; the time wasted on them is lost forever. Therefore, our modern life, with its hectic days and overwhelming information field, makes you give up the worthless stuff.

Let's get started!

1. Forget About Negative

Once and for all. All thoughts are material, especially the negative ones. Stop thinking in terms of the negative. Forget about "What if...", and use "When..., then...". Of course, life is made up of both positive and negative moments, but believe us, you will overcome difficulties much easier, if you look forward to the positive, rather than expect the worst to happen. The negative tend to take precedence over the human consciousness, so do not let it into your life and take hold of your emotions. Do not let the negative control you.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!
MLM: Delete Superfluous!

2. Stop Complaining

This item is a logical consequence of the previous one. Just stop whining and complaining about anything (your husband/wife/children, work, the weather...). First of all, nobody (except your closest people) cares about your problems, secondly, those who still do would rather gloat over your unhappiness than lend a helping hand. So why give them a dubious reason for joy? Thirdly (and most importantly), staying in a permanent state of self-pity, you keep burying yourself in the ground of your problems. Mind you, thoughts are material.

Complaining about everything, you do not just regret something, but you build yourself a world made of whining, grumbling and dullness. You must be above any circumstances. Even, if something does not work, keep your head up! When you stumble and fall down, just stand up and walk away! Nothing should unsettle you.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

3. Stop Criticising

Some are fond of complaining about their lives, while other people love gossiping about others and get angry at the slightest pretext. Never follow either the former, or the latter. Firstly, commonplace as it may sound, we are all different, and every opinion has a right to exist. Secondly, such criticism takes a lot of time you could spend with greater efficiency. If you notice a mistake, try to check it, and do not yield to the temptation of twaddling.

4. Forget Excuses

Stop making excuses for anything. If you are misunderstood, try to explain your position. If you make a mistake, admit it adequately, that is all. Stop explaining why it is so and not otherwise. Do not put yourself in a position the humiliated and insulted. Do not give anyone the pleasure of triumphing over you.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

5. Do Not Shift Blame

To achieve your goals, you need to stop blaming anyone for your failures. After all, the goals are yours, so why should other people be blamed? Do not waste your time and effort on others, take full responsibility for what happens to you.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!
MLM: Delete Superfluous!

6. Do Not Think of Other People's Opinion About You

It has been proven and tested by millions of people: it is a useless thing to please everyone and to constantly cross-check one's position with the public opinion. Mind you, your life is unique. And it is up to you to change your profession, image, or move to another city. Nobody has the right to discuss your life, condemn and forcefully advise you how to act correctly in a given situation. We never know, maybe a new job or hairstyle will be the starting point of a new life.

Of course, no one tells you rush from one extreme to the other, but learn to listen to your inner voice and independently consider the pros and cons.

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

Well, perhaps enough of the lectures!=) The New Year comes in less than a day! You still have enough time not only for styling your hair, but also for putting your thoughts and emotions into order. Another piece of useful tips awaits you next year!))))

Happy New Year!!!!

Be as unruffled as this charming snowman!!!

MLM: Delete Superfluous!

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