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MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

February 4, 2015 at 1:04 am

January over, many of us are experiencing the so-called "aftermath" of the long holidays when the head is crammed with bad thoughts, you are in low spirits, and there is no desire to work... That will not do! You should get rid of bad thoughts as soon as possible. But when the depression comes over you, everything seems to go from bad to worse, and it is hard to see the difference between whims and prejudices and the real threat to your health and peace of mind. This is why we present a new set of ideas that should never take hold of your consciousness.

I Could Have Done Better

Many fall into depression and are engaged in self-torture instead of considering all the mistakes and comments. They are so fascinated with the process of self-accusation, that each time their failures acquire new details. Believe us, it is no use crying over spilled milk! It is better to arrange a "debriefing" and adjust your strategy in view of the conclusions reached.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

I Want Everything to Be Easy

Lots of people are apt to fall backwards when facing minor difficulties and lack of understanding. But easy victories are not for real conquerors who are eager to fight for their trophies. True strategists know that each victory must be earned. Easy come, easy go! If something comes effortlessly, one can hardly appreciate it, but rather get quickly bored with it. This is the way to depression followed by serious consequences: it is impossible to cheer oneself up with a knick-knack, expensive though it may be.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

Others Have Fewer Problems and Easier Life

First of all, how are you to know that others do/get everything quickly and easily?  They may face even more difficulties than you, but never proclaim this from the housetops. Secondly, they may have some experience which allows them to cope with their tasks more efficiently. Thirdly, life can be really easier for some people: they may have well-to-do parents etc. Anyway, drop the idea of comparing yourself to others, mind your own business and self-development! 

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

They Did Not Keep Their Word. But They Are Still My Friends

Notwithstanding the abovementioned arguments, do not demand too much from yourself. If you always need to make concessions, sacrifice your interests and waste your time, it is a good reason to think hard of the people around you. Do those you consider your friends justify this name? You are ready to do anything for them, whereas they always find a good reason not to comply with your requests. Then, does it make any sense to call them friends? Looks like they just use you for their own purposes. Respect yourself, your time, and the people who really appreciate you.

MLM: Dangerous Thoughts-2

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